Online Merchant Accounts in Canadian - US Dollars

Services for Retail, Mail order and Telephone

Our systems can streamline credit card, debit and EFT process thus reducing your administration costs retail and Moto (mail & telephone orders) with our web based QuickPost system you can see all the reports.

Services for Online or eMerchants

Ecom Secure’s open system can easily be integrated to any website for processing credit, debit and EFT payments quickly. Our systems are used worldwide with any shopping carts. We can provide you with the best valued service n the world.

Services for Governments, Provincial States

All of our services can be provided to any level of governments to pay for services such as business registration, Parking ticket payment, pet licenses, licensing services and tax payments. Our services can easily be integrated with any system since it is open architect.

Services for Universities and Organizations

Our systems can easily be integrated with any institutions and organizations to process wide variety of payments processing for credit, debit and EFT in real time. These can process in Batch, onetime or recurring. All of our services can be used for payments such as sales, books, tuition, parking, memberships or any other services that you have.

Business Solutions

Our business solutions can quickly enable retail, online and e-commerce merchants, these tools can fully automate payment collections and remittance of funds via our EFTNet system.